About Rawan Drug Store

After an accumulative experience for many years in the field of drugs marketing in Rojeen Pharma and other pharmacies, a group of pharmacists collaborated their effort to form a one of a kind store for drugs marketing in Kurdistan region of Iraq. Rawan drug store has been formally founded in June 2015 in Duhok, Iraq. Rawan implemented an intervention of marketing techniques to offer better services to the local pharmacies and the clients. Accordingly, it has been proved amongst the most important dealers in drugs marketing in Duhok province. During the second year, Rawan competed for the first position in Duhok and achieved that at 2018.

Rawan's Mission

To improve the life of the people who we serve by providing safe and high quality of products.

Rawan's Vision

We are continually consolidating our position as one of the leading actors in the area of drugs marketing. Those why Rawan’s vision is strengthening the group by expanding to other provinces in the region and involving more pharmacies. In addition, to use all the opportunities to develop our product supply and marketing that can bring the most benefit to all of our stakeholders.

Board of Members

Dr. Saad H. Arif
General Manager

Pharmacist and director of RojeenPharma with experience from 2003.

Our Staff

  • 2 Cashers
  • 2 Data entry
  • 4 Items equipment
  • 2 Warehouse keeper
  • 8 Worker
  • 3 Drivers
  • 2 Accountant
  • 1 Lawyer
  • 1 IT/ Developer
  • 1 Security guard
  • 31 Our staff at Vin pharmacy
  • 16 Our staff at Vajeen pharmacy
  • 6 Our staff at Newroz pharmacy
  • 9 Our staff at Kurdistan pharmacy
  • 4 Our staff at Sema pharmacy
  • 3 Our staff at Arvin pharmacy

From the beginning of its establishment, Rawan scored a noticeable growth in the term of number of pharmacies that it supply...

  • 2015
    60 pharmacy
  • 2016
    85 pharmacy
  • 2017
    125 pharmacy
  • 2018
    145 pharmacy
  • 2019
    170 pharmacy
  • Plans to reach our vision